Contract Staffing Services

Temporary/Contract staffing, though an accepted practice in the developed countries is fast catching up in India. Customers can avail of our pool of candidates for their requirement for a specified period. The employees would be in STC V-Serve's rolls and we also would take care of the statutory obligations of the employees deputed for a particular project.

Temporary/ Contract staffing provides for a flexible, cost-effective and quick solution for your staffing needs. 2Soft Solutions has proven expertise, innovation, flexibility and access to resource to meet an organization's temporary staffing needs. Over time, 2Soft Solutions has successfully developed its business and service portfolio to adjust to the changing needs of its clients.

Temporary/ Contract Staffing practice is suitable for organizations that need additional and dedicated resources for immediate project requirements. Temporary assignments can last a few days, weeks or months and generally cover up for vacations, maternity leave, sick leave and seasonal or peak loads. 2Soft Solutions has the resources and infrastructure to mobilize a single person or an entire workforce based on the client's need, and deliver to their expectations.

Consulting Area:

  • Reduce Hiring Risks.
  • Increases Flexibility.
  • Access to Highly Skilled Staff.
  • Top Quality Employees.
  • Quick & Cost Effective Hiring Process.
  • Increase Productivity.

we'll one over 11 Years of experience you always the best recruitment guidance.

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